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Our Team

Back left to right: Shannon, Leslie, Lukas, April, Pat, Josée, Judi, Lorna, Dana, Hazel

Front: Roy, Leah and little Murmel
Missing: Wendy, Karen

Name: Wendy
Kaslo and now living in Meadow Creek
Position: Shipper/Receiver
Favorite candle type:
Columns followed closely by Square Pillars
Favorite candle color:
Why are beeswax candles special to you?
I generally burn my candles in the evenings. I like the sweet smell and the warm lighting effect they have. The candle I most often give as a gift is the Votive or Tealight Gift Packs mostly because they are so nice looking in the recycled cardboard package.

Name: Leah
General Manager
Favorite candle type:
5” Pillar
Favorite candle color:
Natural with Glacier Teal becoming a new favorite.
Why are beeswax candles special to you?
I really don’t like artificial scents especially when they are used to mask odors. I like my home to just smell clean. That’s what you get from beeswax. I also like the golden flame. 

Name: Shannon
New Denver
Position: Candle-maker 
Favorite candle type: Pillar

Favorite candle color: Not one, but three - Natural, violet and blue.
Why are beeswax candles special to you? 
Natural air purifier, long lasting, beautiful smell

Name: Leslie
Kaslo - Born and raised in Edmonton, AB
Favorite candle type:
I burn mostly candlesticks but love them all.
Favorite candle color: 
They are all beautiful but natural is still my favorite.
Why are beeswax candles special to you? It feels like a special occasion every time you burn one and they burn perfectly. They purify the air and are environmentally friendly. What a great way to celebrate the honey bee.

Name: Pat
Grand Forks
Sales Manager
Favorite candle type:
I love them all. If I’m curled up for the evening reading a book I’ll burn a Pillar, Votive or Tealight. If I’m only going to burn a candle for an hour or so I’ll burn a Tube or Base.
Favorite candle color:
Natural and our beautiful warm Pearl
Why are beeswax candles special to you?  I usually purchase my candles months ahead of when I need them so they are fully bloomed. Beeswax is special to me because the bright golden flame and wonderful smell - it provides a sense of serenity and peace which I seek in my life.

Name: Dana
Hometown: Mirror Lake
Position: Tealight Diva
Favorite candle type:  3" Pillars or columns - tough decision!
Favorite candle color: Natural
Why are beeswax candles special to you? A natural product. The ambiance they add to any room. The aroma.

Name: Lorna
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta but now resides in Kaslo
Position: Candlemaker of many types, but mostly Columns
Favorite candle type: Tealight refills - the glass, aluminum and plastic cups can be used over and over.
Favorite candle color: Natural
Why are beeswax candles special to you? Bees do an amazing thing with beeswax - the subtle sweet fragrance, the varied yellows depending on where they’ve been foraging, its smooth, soft surface and that lovely bloom as it ages. Also the clean burn, fragrance of natural beeswax and the bright light.

Name: Roy
Hometown: Kaslo
Position: Production Manager
Favorite candle type: 3” Pillar
Favorite candle color: Natural
Why are beeswax candles special to you? I have a great respect for the honey bee. The honey and the beeswax are in a perfect state when the bees make it and does not need to be processed, only filtered. The 3” Pillar is the best candle for my ski cabin. It gives good light, warmth, and scent and is not fragile. It lasts a long time and is low maintenance.

Name: Josée
Hometown: Kaslo 
Position: Dipper - Birthday candles, Gala and Hannukah
Favorite candle type: I like the variety; tapers for special dinners, columns for all purpose candle, but probably the 7" pillar for it's bright light and presence.
Favorite candle color: Right now, Glacier Teal. 
Why are beeswax candles special to you? They're a natural product, free of toxic materials, they're long lasting and their aroma is divine.

Name: Lukas
Hometown: Hannover, Germany 
Position: Shipper 
Favorite candle type: Kootenay Forest votives
Favorite candle color: Dark Brown 
Why are beeswax candles special to you? Because they're manufactured in the beautiful area of Kaslo by a solid company that gives good jobs to people living in this region.

Name: April
Hometown: Hamilton, ON 
Position: Votive candle maker 
Favorite candle type: 5” Pillar 
Favorite candle color: Brown
Why are beeswax candles special to you? They burn clean

Name: Judi
Hometown: Cooper Creek
Position: Pillar maker 
Favorite candle type: Pillars and Votives
Favorite candle color: Tangerine, Paris Pink, Glacier Teal and Pearl
Why are beeswax candles special to you? They make great gifts and it's safe and natural burning.

Name: Karen
Hometown: Red Deer, AB
Position: Candle maker 
Favorite candle type: Pillar 
Favorite candle color: Blue
Why are beeswax candles special to you? The beautiful clean smell and that they burn down to nothing. Awesome gift for anyone!